About us

We are the largest production studio in Moravia in Czech Republic

We produce television commercials, radio commercials, corporate presentation films, on-line videos and everything to do with sound. We are the direct implementer of these works.

Casting of actors and film studio

We feature our own acting and voice casting amounting to over 500 actors from 16 countries, and our own film studio with acoustics modified for sensing contact sound. For our clients, we therefore offer substantial added value in that both of these services go for significantly less money than is usually charged by other producers lacking these services and technologies, and who generally have to outsource them. We have professional filming and lighting technology, including digital trick photography technology.


We approach each produced commercial carefully with regard to the desired effect. In doing so, we apply our own professional knowledge and experience in creating commercials and company films, as well as tools and procedures for creative preparation, including knowledge of legislation and media planning.

Media planning

With our direct partners, we are capable of designing, planning, implementing and evaluating your television, radio or on-line campaign.


The results of our work can be found every day on TV, the radio or the Internet. Clients as well as juries of creative advertising competitions appreciate our work. We can increase the value of your investment by enhancing your company image, improving the perception of your brand or helping you sell more products. That makes you, and ultimately us, successful.

Non-profit activity

For seven years straight, we have supported prematurely born babies and the Neonatal Department at the Tomas Bata Hospital in Zlín. Since 2015, we have led a non-profit project , the aim of which is to build special rooms in this hospital. These rooms enable parents and premature babies to stay together right from birth, though the infant remains in an incubator. So far donations for this project have topped EUR 75,000 and it is now moving into the implementation phase.

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