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Like Summer Snow

A dramatic faith of a unique Czech thinker Jan Ámos Komenský who was ahead of his time with his works directed by Lubomír Hlavsa was filmed in the summer of 2020 in our coproduction. The documentary drama Like Summer Snow follows the life of Jan Ámos Komenský who became probably the most famous Czech exile due to his beliefs and opinions. Even though he spent most of his life out of his homeland, he managed to get ahead of his time and influence the whole world with his unique ideas noted in nearly 200 writings. The story of Komenský is framed by his interview with a painter Rembrandt who was painting his portrait. Based on their interview we have a chance to see different episodes of Komenský’s life. It shows that Komenský was not only an extremely productive author and great thinker but also a human being from flash and bones, a kind and gracious person tormented by personal tragedies and the precipitous development of European society of that time. In the main role, Alois and David Švehlík take turns. A significant role plays also Vladimír Javorský and also Igor Bareš who plays the part of the painter Rembrandt.


Film reviews

“Excellent acting performances. An unusual approach to such a deep story. Fated meeting of Rembrandt and Komenský. Surprising ending.” 

doc. PhDr. Jan Hábl, Ph.D., teacher, komeniolog

“I was a little bit afraid that the film about J.A.Komenský “Like Summer Snow” will be a bunch of religious phrases and ideas of how the famous teacher of the nation and respectable bishop endured his unhappy faith with humbleness and despite that created a valuable and scientifically respected work. To my surprise, it was an unusual human story with such a power that it inspired me and literally “pushed” me to not give up and manage to do things that I was born for. I started to like Komenský.”

Jan Talafant, publisher and humanitarian worker

“Absolutely superior film in regard to the standards of the Czech film scene. Confrontation of two personalities: Rembrandt and Komenský, is a great idea. Luboš Hlavsa ages like a fine wine.”

Martin Růžička, a film producer in Luminar Film

“Jan Ámos Komenský is becoming an unforgettable personality in Czech history. The film “Like Summer Snow” managed to picture Komenský as a person with a big heart, as a great teacher and a scientist of his time and at the same time pictured him as kind of a “fool” in a sense of a person chasing his dreams and not always taking the adequacy of his aims and strength into consideration. However, it also pictured him as a bishop, as a Christian that never gave up on his God. This film is worth watching.”

Petr Raus, dramaturge

“What I consider the most valuable in this film is its religious overlap. It makes Komenský a saint, a person that took his strength right from God despite his uneasy life and important life mission. That is why his work is great, timeless, everlasting…”

Zdeněk Bričkovský, director and scriptwriter



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Take a look at the film trailer that had its premier on the 4th of January 2021 in broadcasting of Česká televize.

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