Television and film

Production of television commercials, including language reversioning and adaptations
Production of company presentation films, audiovisual presentations and programs
Image post-production, 3D animation, 2D animation, cartoon animation
Rendering 3D on our internal render farm (VRay)
Acoustically engineered film studio 12x10m with green screen backdrop
Production of costumes and props, costume designer, make-up services
Film technology rental and film studio rental
Actor casting of around 150 Czech and Slovak actors
Food styling

Radio and sound

Production of radio commercials
Sound post-production, recording studio, creation of component music
Adaptation of foreign language commercials and films into CZ and vice-versa
Sound distribution for telephone exchanges, recording e-learning projects
Reversioning in up to 16 languages by native speaking professional actors and speakers
Voice casting (including foreign voices)
Sound distribution of advertising, presentation events and concerts

Photography and graphics

Taking product and image photography
Photo post-production, retouching, assembly for billboards, printouts and Websites
Production of printed and on-line advertisement. Graphic and DTP work
Professional studio 12 x 10 m with wireless lighting and flash technology
Production, visage, styling, casting and location services
Photo technology rental and
film studio rental


Production of on-line commercials and on-line videos
Creation of modern product microsites
Creation of on-line applications (Facebook/Instagram)

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