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Two Words As The Key

Premiere 2022

The shooting starts in September 2020

We will start filming “Two Words As The Key” in the role of a co-producer in the autumn of 2020 with the same group as in Úsměvy smutných mužů, directed by director Dan Svátek, and we are especially looking forward to that. The screenplay of the film is again based on a book by successful writer Josef Formánek. This is his latest creative work from 2016 and at the same time the first book he wrote without alcohol.

The film should be made as a set of several stories, which are gradually connected through their characters. The creators would like to transfer to the screen strong emotions and connect breathtaking images of the Earth with the inner moments of the heroes who are facing a decision and a fundamental change in their lives.

In addition to Czechia, the story takes place in Slovakia, Poland, Indonesia, where Josef Formánek often travels, and then also in New York, India and China. We will actually visit all locations with the crew during the filming. We don’t want to fake any of them in the film, we want to have their real atmosphere on the screen.

Several foreign stars should also act in the film. From the Czech actors, David Švehlík or Jaroslav Dušek will appear in front of the camera again.