Film directors

Take a look. Each one of them is an original.

Dan Svátek

Award-winning film and commercial director and screenwriter with experience abroad in the field of films and commercials.

Štěpán Zálešák

Štěpán Zálešák is an experienced director with a pro-client approach and original ideas and a number of awards.

Víťa Procházka

Director that likes to focus his love for films on a strong visual stories and an original work with actors.

Lukáš Borovička

Advertising tandem of young talented professionals with an American approach and an emphasis on precise training.

Dan Wlodarczyk

An experienced director with an excellent prerequisite for directing emotionally tuned and family product spots

Jan Bártek

Young award-winning director of TV commercials, comedy series and music videos with a sense of humor and storytelling.

Karolína Zalabáková

Director and screenwriter with many awards and a bold, creative approach that brings an innovative perspective.

Jan Hubáček

Creative director of commercials with prerequisites for a powerful story, point and a distinct visual style.

Matěj Štěpán

A young director coming from the world of played drama with a wide range of experience from foreign production.

Petr Januschka

Young director with a feel for exaggeration, parody and original solutions.

Martin Jůza

A talented director with a professional overview, thanks to which his work perfectly fulfils the set marketing goals.

Matěj Balcar

A film and commercial director who has a lot of experience in the theatrical environment.

Jan Kolář

A creative director and editor who honors the craft, combined with current trends and a sense of humor.

Martin Gazda

A director with a feel for dramaturgy and work with actors. If the spots are funny, all the better.

Dalibor Silný

Experienced and creative cinematographer and director with experience from many TV commercials and from several feature films.