Come and shoot your movie in Moravia!

Zlín is a filmmaking city with a rich cinematic history and modern infrastructure. Together with the Zlín Region, they are actively engaged in supporting the film industry through free usage of locations, or financial grants and incentives for both development and production, placing the area among the largest supporters of audiovisual production outside of Prague.

IS Production

We aspire to be an excellent partner for film producers. As an established production company in Moravia and Zlín with a 15-year history and a branch in Prague, we have become a significant player in the film industry in the Czech Republic.


We offer complete production services from initial preparation to final post-production, including our own film equipment and experts in various areas of the filmmaking process. We also provide co-production partnerships and support in the form of consultancy for obtaining regional film grants. All of these can help significantly reduce costs and streamline the production of your film project.


Thanks to our expertise, organizational and technological equipment, and experience, you will achieve excellent results in every phase of the project. Come and bring your new film to life with us in Zlín, a city with a great filmmaking history.

How can we help you?

Production Services

We provide comprehensive production services that cover everything from A to Z under one roof. With our team of filmmakers, we ensure the smooth progress of every project. Additionally, we are set up to handle multiple projects simultaneously, so starting a new project practically immediately is not a problem for us.


Our services include planning and coordinating preparations, overseeing filming, and post-production work. We also offer consultancy and support in handling necessary formalities.

Location Services

We have Moravia at our fingertips. Thanks to our extensive database, we can quickly identify and recommend the ideal locations for your film, and this is done very rapidly through our online application. At the same time, our experienced location manager is ready to immediately set out and find what you need.


However, our services don’t end with just location scouting. We handle the complete preparation of the site for filming, including all administrative tasks. After the shooting is finished, we ensure the location is seamlessly restored to its original state.


 Take a look at how we will present the location to you.

Acting and Extras Casting

The main roles are usually brought by you. We take care of the supporting roles and the necessary extras. However, main roles are not a problem for us either. Our extensive casting database contains profiles of actors and extras of various age groups, appearances, and skills, which allows us to quickly meet even specific requirements. We arrange traditional callbacks, video castings, or online castings, and subsequently handle all contractual services. Communication is conducted online through our own casting application.


 Take a look at how we will present the casting to you.

Film Equipment Rental

We offer a wide selection of professional film equipment that satisfies the needs of both independent creators and medium-sized production teams. Our range includes professional camera, lighting, and sound equipment. We also provide flexible rental options, from short-term to long-term projects. Everything is tailored to your needs and budget.


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Film Studio

In our complex, you will also find a studio, adapted for various production needs with direct hallway access from our building. Comfortable facilities are available for creative teams, including a dressing room, makeup room, and relaxation area. The studio dimensions are 18m x 12m.

We welcome co-production opportunities

As experienced partners in co-productions, we offer not only our technical and production facilities but also active collaboration on the financial and organizational aspects of the project. We are ready to share both risks and successes, jointly creating high-quality cinematic works. We can provide impeccable production and post-production services, including the possibility of financing a part of the project. Among our successful co-production projects is the film ‘Úsměvy smutných mužů’, which won the audience award at the Czech Lion


But filming is just the beginning

Post-Production and VFX

We recognize the diversity of projects and directors’ approaches. Having everything under one roof, we can flexibly adapt editing, color grading, or compositing to various workflows and timelines, including integration with the sound component. Both picture and sound are located on the same floor at our facility. For the final evaluation and approval of the material, we have a projection cinema available, allowing the work to be assessed in full quality.

Visual Effects

Our team consists of experienced editors and animators who will help you prepare the image so that it precisely matches the requirements of the script, visual style, and atmosphere of the film. We experiment with new techniques and incorporate elements of machine learning (AI) to ensure that our outputs are at the forefront of current trends and technologies. Take a look at a short sample of our work.

2D and 3D Animation

We also enjoy animation, which is where we grew up. We offer comprehensive 2D and 3D animation services that bring new dimensions to visual storytelling. Our talented animators use the latest technologies and techniques to create impressive animated scenes, characters, and environments. Take a look at a short sample.

Sound Post-Production

We offer a complete range of sound post-production services, including sound design, sound effects, dialogues, and music. The final sound mix is then managed at a higher-level facility, saving producers financial resources.

We are more efficient

We value the smooth flow of the filmmaking process. With our well-coordinated team of 30 full-time experts, we provide all key services under one roof – from production, through equipment rental, to image and sound post-production. This complete integration allows for a faster response to requirements and ensures a smooth progression of projects without unnecessary delays. The result is not only a saving of time but also costs for our partners. We offer not only high-quality services but also significant added value in the form of interconnected services in one place, bringing efficiency and cost optimization at every step of the film process


Take a look at what we have already accomplished

15 years of experience

Over the years, we have gathered valuable experience in filming a wide range of projects, including feature films and commercials. We’ve learned that every project is unique, and we know how to adapt to specific needs, whether it’s a film or an advertisement. Take a look at a short video that summarizes our experience, passion, and creativity that we put into each project.

Accept the invitation

We invite you to visit the Zlín Film Studios to peek into our world and discover what makes our production unique. The studios are located in the idyllic and peaceful area of Kudov, close to the center of Zlín, offering numerous advantages for filmmakers. Being just a 10-minute drive from the city center ensures easy access to all urban resources and services, while the location outside densely populated areas provides the peace and privacy essential for creativity and focus on work.

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