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The Greatest Gift

Premiere September 2020

We co-produce this film fairytale together with Wallachia and the premiere will take place as part of the 60th Zlín Film Festival. The fairy tale was directed by Marta Santovjáková Gerlíková, Daria Hrubá and starring: Bolek Polívka, Sabina Rojková, Chantal Poullain-Polívková, Anna Polívková, Petr Čtvrtníček, Pavel Nový, Radek Melša, Jiří Dvořák, Martin Stránský, Radim Fiala, Zuzana Slavíková, and others. You really have something to look forward to with children!

Long time ago, our land was ruled by pagan gods and goddesses. Not only the well-known god Radegast in Wallachia, but many others – good … and bad, kind and quarrelsome, cheerful and serious. These are the heroes of the fairytale The Greatest Gift. And besides them also the quirky inhabitants of a small Wallachian village. What happens when the gods begin to interfere in the lives of the people and the people in the lives of the gods? Will Morena, the goddess of winter, who will bring eternal ice and frost on earth, win, or will the goddesses of spring, summer and autumn overpower her? Will the main god Svarožic find out about Morena’s rampage in time and return the cycle of four seasons into balance? These are all questions that the fairytale The Greatest gift will bring you the answer to. But we can tell you one thing now! The other gods eventually manage to stop Morena. But they will need something far more powerful than their magic. One ordinary Wallachian girl who has the greatest gift will help them, for which even Morena’s spells are not enough! The distributor of the film is Bontonfilm.