We are
IS Produkce

Audiovisual, film and commercial production. Our goal is to be a great partner for advertisers, film producers and help them meet marketing and creative goals. Our vision is to return the film industry back to Zlín. Our clients appreciate especially the speed of communication, express deadlines and time flexibility. We are IS Produkce. For 15 years.

we are reliable

We make feature films, TV spots, online spots, presentation videos, radio spots, compose music, take photos, create print visuals and draw. We are not only filmmakers, but also experienced marketers. We know how to make creative concepts, screenplays, storyboards, animations. We adapt foreign spots and also specialize in visual effects, 2D and 3D animations, we shoot 3D 360 videos, we can do virtual tours and virtual reality (VR and AR). Take a look at our work.

We are more efficient

We have our own, well-coordinated team of 30 experts and thanks to that the whole process is constantly under control. We respond to requests faster and this gives our clients more time for the approval process. Therefore, we are able to deliver projects in express time and at lower costs than is usual for productions that hire creative teams for projects. If you choose us as a partner, you can be sure that we will always deliver the work on time and in perfect quality. We also save our clients additional funds thanks to our own services, which are usually outsourced by other productions. See for yourself below.


we have our own technical equipment

We are 100% self-sufficient. We own complete film, sound and lighting equipment, including RED film cameras and Cooke film lenses (sought-after lenses). This eliminates the cost of fees for filmmakers’ rentals.


we have our own casting

We have a large acting and voice casting. Over 400 Czech and Moravian actors and over 600 foreign voices from twenty countries for possible adaptations. The question of the selection of actors is solved in our company in a matter of hours and at a much lower cost than with ordinary casting agencies.

we have our own studio

Professionally equipped film studio with modified acoustics and greenscreen background for tricks. This allows to record sound without the need for subsequent post-synchronies, thus saving time and money.

and a lot of experience

Both from film and mainly from commercials. In more than fifteen years, we have participated in several feature films at home and abroad, we have shot over 400 TV spots and sponsorships and countless radio spots. We approach each produced spot conscientiously with regard not only to the picture and sound quality, but also to the desired effect. We use our own expertise in marketing, as well as experience, tools and procedures for creative preparation and production, including knowledge of legislation and media planning.

Malé Mimi

We run the endowment fund Malé Mimi. Thanks to this, parents and premature babies can be together from birth, even when the baby is still in the incubator, and this benefits them greatly. We received over CZK 8,000,000 on the project account and in January 2017 we opened specialized rooms in the hospital in Zlín. The project won the Salvator award in 2016.